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 +=====21st December 2011 =====
 +Vanasthali completed 31 years of activity. All centres organized a week of celebrations, with meetings and writing competitions. As thirty supervisors are going to meet in Pune next week to discuss of their practice in teaching Marathi language with Madhuri's method. They will take this opportunity to say more about these celebrations.
 +===== November 2011 : Winter camp in Pune=====
 +This is just a brief information of Vanasthali revision camp organized in Pune for 253 women. Those women who had small children at home they did not come.\\
 +253  women participated into our winter camp. Balwadi teachers, Trainees, Trainers, Supervisors and Teachers who work through hobby classes in local municipal schools. It was  a mixed group.\\
 +From Nov 5th to Nov  9th. Residential arrangement was in our students welfare Association’s Hostel.\\
 +Programme :
 +  * Lectures on various needful subjects.
 +  * Demonstrations on warli painting, flower decoration, careful utilization of Gas, water ;
 +  * Electricity, simple experiments in science, simple recipes in the kitchen for nutrition food, etc ;
 +  * Physical  exercise and games in open air ;
 +  * Revision of songs, storey telling techniques ;
 +  * Presentation of reports from all centers’ were conveyed in group meetings on 6 mobile book and toys, vehicles and on training courses etc.\\
 +On 9th evening all women went  back home after this enriched experience of being together and learning from each other etc.
 +Friends, these camps bring women an enthusiastic experience which helps them to work with children.\\
 +//Nirmala Purandare//
 +===== May 2011 : a message from the President of Vanasthali=====
 +This month (May 2011), teachers and supervisors are going for a trip. They make their own plans in small group and receive some help from Vanasthali (roupies 200) and from Panpoi book trust (roupies 200). These excursions contribute to their personal enrichment.
 +On June 9th and 10th will be held the general annual meeting of the supervisors of Vanasthali. They will elaborate the new annual report, the different reports of their trips in the country, and the plans for next year.
 +Hobby classes are extending in remote destitute places, thanks to the efforts of the supervisors. This is appreciated by the teachers and the children. Budget will have to increase...
 +===== April 2011 =====
 +Camille Bucher, a French young girl, accompanied Sunanda Nawale at a teacher training camp, a meeting of the supervisors in Pune and a summer camp in Shrirampur.
 +See the [[http://flickr.com/gp/77401495@N00/o781vj|slideshow]] of Camille Bucher.
===== November 2010 ===== ===== November 2010 =====
For details and figures, see the latest annual report (April 2009/March 2010) : {{en:textes:vanast_rep_2009-2010_english.pdf}} For details and figures, see the latest annual report (April 2009/March 2010) : {{en:textes:vanast_rep_2009-2010_english.pdf}}
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